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Till Bennewitz - Meeting in the night

Till Bennewitz Meeting in the night


Wer die guten alten alben von bryan adams oder bruce springsteen mag, - der wird till bennewitz lieben - Mister Music Bonn -

Bestens gemacht! - bluesfocus.net -

Meeting in the night - ist ein herausragendes Debutalbum - rootstime.be -

Der newcomer des jahres 2015 - bluesmagazine.nl -

...it was truly profound and wonderful! - James Hartley, bass, about the recording with TILL. -

...amazing songs from a truly great artist and he's so young! - Wayne Proctor, our fantastic drummer for MEETING IN THE NIGHT and 2 x winner "best band" with KING KING on British Blues Award -

..this was the best session of my life ! - Aynsley Lister about the recording of TILL's DEBUT ALBUM "MEETING IN THE NIGHT" -

Till is sounding amazing ! - SUPERFLY STUDIOS boss ANDY -



Bennewitz combines a unique voice reminiscent of the legendary Springsteen, with serious songwriting that demonstrates an astonishing maturity and confidence that belie his youth. Unpretentious and with a warm personality, he puts his heart and soul into every song. This is a voice we expect to hear more of in the UK and is definitely not an artist to be missed.

It all began back in high school, where he formed his first band and began to collect experience on stage - played in small venues and some festivals. You could tell from listening to his first compositions that there was big potential in Bennewitz' songs. After the band broke up it was obvious that Bennewitz had to keep going and take the next step. So as a solo artist and very folkie he began gigging through small clubs and presented his own songs. The excitement appeared immediately when a Universal Music A&R heard Bennewitz for the first time. Bennewitz was offered a publishing deal with Universal and he signed. Even though this was not his first record deal it opened more doors for him.

In 2011 Bennewitz recorded his first EP "New York Sessions" at the "Lofish Studios" in New York City with long time friends Nils and Bastian Weinhold and other local musicians. After the record was done he started selling them live and sold a couple of hundred copies within two months even though it was never officially released. In 2014 Bennewitz went on tour with the British guitarist and singer Aynsley Lister whose label is now taking care of Bennewitz' career. Now his debut album is about to be released in spring 2015 on Straight Talkin' Records, which he will promote and present live on stage on an extensive tour through Germany and other parts of Europe.

The voice of a legend in the making and the songs to match. Bennewitz is the real deal.- Aynsley Lister -



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